Bring your employees
back to work safely

Whether you operate an in-person, hybrid or remote workplace, MyMedBot can help you screen for COVID-19 symptoms and make data-driven decisions.

How it works

Send discreet and simple questionnaires

  • Simple and endlessly customizable questions
  • Accommodates your organization’s structure, by department, team or work-site
  • Preserves employee privacy through custom administrative privileges and option to not store health responses

Save your employees time and stress

  • Employees can self-report in under a minute
  • Automatic alerts according to employees’ work schedules
  • Mobile app available for Android, iOS and web browsers for users without smart-phones

Verify responses and plan accordingly

  • Dynamic and customisable instructions based on user’s answers
  • Clearly communicate your COVID-19 protocol
  • Check responses at the door with Green/Red pass
  • Easy to implement across multiple work-sites
  • Administrative privileges to support large and small organizations

Quickly understand your employees’ health status

  • Know who is safe, who is at risk, and who has not provided responses
  • Filter results in a user-friendly table by team, department, or building
  • Make informed COVID-19 mitigation decisions through actionable insights

Customizable across industries




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