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MyMedBot’s mobile application and web dashboard will enable organizations to easily log the vaccination status of their community members. It is customizable to fully support different types of vaccines and regulatory requirements. The current MyMedBot platform has already been used to conduct more than 2.5 million health screenings for over 180 organizations across the USA and Canada. The announcement comes just as the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine received a “green light” from the FDA advisory panel, creating hope that the world may begin to reopen safely from this pandemic. Yet, it is not clear how the vaccine will be distributed and how individual immunization status will be verified. Business leaders will need tools and solutions to identify those who have been vaccinated to maintain safe working conditions and prevent further shutdowns. No such solutions are yet available on the market. With the MyMedBot health screening solution, organizations will be able to decide what information is to be provided by their community members and what vaccination verification proof is required. MyMedBot’s online dashboard will configure the immunization protocol and its mobile application will feed immunization data to the dashboard. Commenting, MyMedBot CEO and Founder, Jacob Arnould, said: “MyMedBot’s vision has been from day one to provide peace-of-mind to its communities, with applications that can be rapidly deployed – no tech knowledge necessary. The new developments fulfill this vision. Easy to use and effective.” Every day, MyMedBot provides peace of mind for over 80,000 people to enter their classrooms or offices safely. The solution is easy to implement and affordable for all types of organizations, large and small.  

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