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Updated: Nov 7

The US election is taking center stage currently and the first thing that will land on the desk of the next President is getting COVID-19 under control. We cannot forget that two days after election day (November 5) the US recorded over 120,000 COVID cases.

At MyMedBot we use our technology daily, to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in communities. In a world where we must be apart at a distance, smartphones are keeping us connected with one another. At MyMedBot, smartphones enable an organization’s administrators to understand the health status of their community instantly – and make data-driven decisions instead of uninformed ones.

Since August, we have screened over 1.8 million employees and students and have successfully reopened over 150 schools with our COVID-19 screening solution. Politics are important, but health is paramount.


Track your community's immunization status

Screen your community for COVID-19 symptoms

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